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LadykaVolodymyrLadyka, Rector of Sumy National Agrarian University

Dear first-year students!

I sincerely welcome you –former pupils, and now - freshmen–toSumy National Agrarian University!

Remember this day. After all, today you are joining a large, multicultural, but friendly and loving family. From now on, the university will open up thousands of opportunities that you simply do not have the right to miss.

So, a gate to knowledge is open to you. There will be ups and downs on this path. But you will never be able to forget your student years - the boisterous and brightones. Today you stand at the threshold of a new beginning. Your leaders in the world of science will be the most qualified professors and associate professors, respected scientists, recognized by the world scientific community.

We are proud that our university is one of the most popular universities in the North-East region and among the agricultural institutions of higher education. And an indicator of this is the fact that every year the number of people, who come to study here, increases. This year, 2,959 people became students, which is 29 people more than in the past. 477 persons were enrolled on the basis of complete secondary education, including 221 for budget financing places. The largest number of students were enrolled at the Faculty of Economics and Management (568persons), then comes Engineering and Technological Faculty (424persons), and the Faculty of Agricultural technologies and nature management –(392 persons).

We have the status of an international university. More than 400 students from more than 200 countries of the world are studying at SNAU, which means that the circle of your friends can be replenished by boys and girls from Turkey, India, China ... On August 12, an academic exchange program was completed. 16 students of Zi Yang Zhejiang University of Agriculture and Forestry took part in this program. The graduates of the Henan Institute of Science and Technology confirmed their wish toreceive Master’s Degree(25 persons) and to take postgraduate courses(32 persons).

The University is actively working on the development of scientific and laboratory infrastructure. By the end of the year, we are going to set up 5 powerful scientific laboratoriesat the university. The total volume of investments that will be attracted to this process is over 10 million UAH.

So, for the first time at Sumy NAU, a center for joint use of the scientific equipment "Laboratory of Ecological Agriculture and Nature Management" was set. The laboratory was set at the expense of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. This year, 3.5 million UAH,which will be used to purchase modern equipment,were allocated, and it will allow not only the scientists from SNAU, but also Kharkiv and Mykolaiv Agrarian Universities and National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, to conduct scientific and research work.

Within the framework of the joint project implementation, within the framework of the international grant program ERAZMUS + CA2 at SNAUa laboratory "Agri-Lab" will be set up to conduct research in the field of biotechnology. The volume of the investments in the first stage is almost 1 million UAH.

Much work is done to equip a modern scientific laboratory of mass spectrometry. By the end of the year, five powerful mass-spectrometers of domestic production will be involved in the scientific process, which will enable to carry out a complex of studies in physics and chemistry.

To ensure the possibility of carrying out the scientific research in the field of agricultural products processing before the beginning of the academic year, we are going to set one scientific and two educational and scientific laboratories at the Faculty of Food Technologies. The scientific researchconducted in these laboratories will also take place within the framework of the topic of young scientists funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The involvement of business in improving the material and technical base of the educational process is active. With the participation of the group of companies "Hlobyno" a laboratory of meat processing technology is being set. The first equipment of the domestic production from the company "Elvorti" has already arrived to the training classrooms of the engineering and technological faculty. At the Faculty of Law, a training laboratory for geodesy and land management will be set, and a modern computer classroom with round-the-clock access will be created at the Faculty of Economics and Management within the framework of the international grant program ERAZMUS + CA2.

So, dear students, you’ve got just limitless opportunities for the development. Improve and develop together with the university, be proud that you are a student of Sumy National Agrarian University. I hope that your success will multiply the fame of our higher educational establishment!


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