Address    40021, Ukraine, Sumy, Herasym Kondratiev str., 160

Phone       (0542) 70-10 44, 70-10-48



Regulation on the Center for Work with International Students of SNAU

Center for Work with Foreign Students of Sumy National Agrarian University was established in the structure of SNAU on the basis of the department for preparation for admission to universities and training of foreign citizens by the decision of the Academic Council of SNAU in order to improve the efficiency of work with foreign students, organizations and institutions.

The main task of the Center is to promote the study of foreign students, as well as to coordinate all forms of educational, scientific, methodological and educational work, which aims to ensure a high level of training of foreign citizens in the system of continuing higher education from pre-university preparation to doctoral studies.

The university has good experience in teaching students from more than 28 countries, such as: Turkmenistan, Turkey, Nigeria, China, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the USA, Germany, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, India, Lebanon, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Guinea, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Senegal, Syria, Georgia, Nepal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Swaziland and others.

Foreign citizens are given an excellent opportunity to study at SNAU according to an education system approved by the following degrees: