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The Department of International Relations of SNAU was created in 1995.

The main directions of its work are:

Much attention is also paid to the special language training of students, graduate students and teachers, hence the university provides them with the opportunity to improve the level of English, German, French and Polish. Recently, a linguistic center has been set up at the SNAU Foreign Languages ​​Department, where both teachers of the department and native speakers of different countries work. Since 2015, Lecturer of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD has become a full-time lecturer of the German language of the Foreign Languages ​​Department at Sumy NAU.

In recent years, the University has significantly increased the number of the international educational and practical programs with some countries in Europe, America and Australia.

Sumy NAU is often visited by the foreign partners. Each year, representatives and managers of staff from different farms and partner organizations come to the university to choose students to participate in joint projects, conduct joint seminars, conferences, lectures and practical courses. Passing on productive internships on the best farms in these countries can give you a good opportunity to gain practical experience in agriculture, complete graduate projects in the form of business plans and, in general, to form your own modern outlook. Thus, the Department of International Relations has over 6,000 undergraduate internships and approximately 200 SNAU students have received training and diplomas from Europe’s leading universities so far.

The sphere of international activity of the university is constantly expanding. The International Relations Department creates the conditions for internships for teachers and students abroad, organizes training for young teachers and students at partner universities, and engages foreign professors in teaching at SNAU. For specialists of AIC of Sumy region, we arrange professional excursions to study the latest technologies and techniques of modern management in agriculture of developed countries. We help our staff participate in international conferences and workshops, and collaborate with research institutions all over the world.

Please, visit the International Relations Department and we will provide you with more information about participating in SNAU’s international projects.