From the 1st to the 21st of September, the International Relations Department accepts documents for international practice. The term of acceptance can be extended if vacancies are available for internships.

To register at the International Relations Department successfully, you need to:

The criteria for choosing the participants for all practices are:

So, start your self-training from the very first days of studying at SNAU. Also, use your chance to practice abroad while studying at Sumy NAU. After all, during practice, students improve their language skills, gain experience with advanced technologies.

The internship is conducted in different directions, namely:

The program usually combines two components, such as educational and cultural, and also provides with interesting meetings and excursions.

A letter of recommendation from an overseas farmer not only shows the best features of a student to a potential employer, but also formally certifies what types of work the student has experience in, what techniques and operations he can perform.

It should be noted that, with the assistance of the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD has been implementing the SNAU project for more than 15 years in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (Germany). As a part of its implementation, our students are guaranteed scholarships to study at a European partner university and receive a double diploma from Germany and Ukraine.


You should remember that SNAU’s international department has a special approach to each student, so they will help you to choose the one that will be most useful in your specialty. So, you should not hope that anyone else will learn the language or acquire the necessary knowledge. To accomplish it, you must have a complete set of documents, your foreign passport, the Dean’s approval, a document certifying your attendance of foreign language courses (either profound or intensive) and your driving license!

If you are interested in the possibility of foreign practice, we invite you to contact the International Relations Department as soon as possible. Room 218 of the main building of our university.

We are always happy to help students of SNAU!