Overseas internship in Poland
The purpose of the internship
  • application of the theoretical knowledge obtained;
  • gaining practical skills, knowledge and experience related to the program of study and specialty of the student;
  • mastering of modern technologies and methods of production organization.
Term of the internship is 2-6 months (from April to September)
Practical activities
  • Crop (planting, care, gathering, packing of crop products)
  • Animal husbandry (animal care: cows, pigs, horses, poultry; feeding, milk processing and dairy production, as well as other agricultural work)
Requirements for candidates
  • age: at least 18;
  • spoken Polish or elementary English,agricultural terms;
  • gender of trainees: male, female
Additional Information
  • accommodation at the expense of the host or student (depending on the project);;
  • catering at the expense of the host party or student (depending on the project);
  • medical insurance at the expense of the student;
  • the university helps you to get visa and buy the travel tickets;
  • upon completion of the internship you have a good opportunity to obtain a certificate of experience in the field of plant and animal husbandry.