Internship in Switzerland
The purpose of the internship
  • gaining practical skills, knowledge and experience related to the program of study and specialty of the student;
  • application of theoretical knowledge obtained at the university;
  • application of the methods of environmentally friendly agricultural products production;
  • mastering of modern technologies and methods of agricultural production organization.
Term of the internship 4-18 months
Practical activities Production training practice is offered in the following areas:

  • animal husbandry
  • plant growing
Requirements for candidates
  • age: 18 - 25;
  • elementary or intermediate German
  • agricultural terms;
  • a full-time student of an agrarian educational institution
  • wiliness to work physically;
  • practical experience in animal husbandry, crop production;
  • compulsory driving license and tractor driving license (concerns boys);
  • gender of trainees: male, female.