The career guidance promotion office is a structural unit of Sumy National University aimed at establishing and maintaining a constructive dialogue targeted at: applicants (including potential ones), their parents, students, staff, business partners, state and local authorities, media.

In fact, the Promotion Office is a provider of SNAU’s communication policy and marketing strategy. This is done through its activity in the following areas, namely:

1.Reporting of the University activities through:
Publications on the official website of SNAU –;
Issue of the newspaper “Visnyk” – quarterly, in 1000 copies;
SNAU radio.
Collaboration with the media;
Photo support of events and creation of photo reports.
2. Communication via social networks, namely: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram – creation of bright, attractive content that interests young people and builds confidence in such brand as SNAU

3. Creating an attractive university image:
Development, production and distribution of branded products, including online store of the office;
Participation and initiation of social projects in the field of sustainable development, volunteering, development of youth initiatives, etc.

4. Event management – arranging and conducting of public entertainment, educational and cultural events, including:
School for esthetic education for schoolgirls;
SNAU Media School;
Miss Snau;
Sumy NAU Ball;
Embroidery Day;
Workshops for students;
Students’ Self Governance Congresses;
Themed exhibitions and fairs, etc.

An important aspect in SNAU promotion is understanding that every employee, teacher, student or graduate is the brand ambassador. That’s why we’re always open to ideas, projects and collaboration. Office doors are always open for those who want to make university life brighter and more active!