The student self-governance of Sumy National Agrarian University is a voluntary association of student self-governing bodies of the faculties of the basic higher educational institution, clubs and centers of interests of SNAU, an advisory and consultative body at the university’s administration, whose purpose is to protect students, their rights and fulfil the right to take part in the management of the University. Each faculty has its own body of student self-governance whose chairman is a member of the SSG of Sumy National Agrarian University. The student organization is independent of the influences of political, religious and public associations or organizations.

The body of student self-governance consists of student administration and heads of departments. The student administration includes the elected chairman (student rector), the 1-st student vice-rector, the student vice-rector for research work, the student vice rector for sport activity, the student vice-rector of the volunteer-charity department, the student vice-rector for career guidance and information activity, the student vice rector for the foreign policy, the student vice-rector for social activity, the student vice-rector for cultural activity, and the secretary appointed by the chairman. Each of them is in charge for holding various cultural, charity and sporting events, implements many ideas and projects, initiates cooperation with various organizations.

The main tasks and functions of student self-governance are:


Due to SSG activity you will be able to acquire and improve your leadership skills, organizational and creative abilities that will come in handy for you throughout your life.

Regulations on the Student Self-Governance of SNAU