The catering complex (CC) is a structural subdivision of the Sumy National Agrarian University.


CC is created to provide nutritionally-friendly nutrition to students, university staff, other consumers, sales of their own production, purchased goods and services to cater for various activities.

In the structure of the SNAU catering workshops there are student dining, Banquet and White halls for holding celebrations. Within one day, the complex is capable of providing quality service to about 600 clients. Due to the fact that almost all the products come from own subsidiary farm of the university, the cost is significantly reduced, and with it and the price of food (in the dining room SNOW prices are 30-40% lower than the prices in the city dining rooms). Also, the quality of products is controlled at all stages from cultivation to consumption.

The task of the catering complex is to meet the demand of consumers and increase the turnover.

To carry out this task, the complex accomplishes the following functions:

  1. To provide students, faculties, staff of the University and visitors, located on the territory of SNAU with nutritional service through canteens, buffets and cafes.
  2. To organize catering at various events held at the University on the territory of the catering units and other areas of the University.
  3. To organize and hold various events (banquets, standing receptions, coffee breaks, etc.) ordered by SNAU departments for students, faculty members, staff of SNAU, third parties involved by the University, on the territories of the CC and other territories of the University, including those ones located outside the University.
  4. To organize exhibitions, trade fairs to sale own-produced items taking into account the demand and interests of consumers.
  5. To provide practical training for students of SNAU on the basis of production units of CC.

Production units of CC operate according to the menu, price lists of dishes and purchased products. First course, meat and fish dishes are available for visitors; hot and cold snacks, salads, side dishes, buffets, semi-finished products of our own production.

Food Service Areas

Students’ meals

Other menus

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