Sumy National Agrarian University is a multi-disciplinary higher educational institution that conducts innovative educational activities at different degrees of higher education, including Doctor of philosophy, conducts applied scientific research, is a leading scientific and methodical center, has a developed infrastructure of educational, research and scientific-production departments, promotes sharing research knowledge and conducts cultural and educational activities.
The University was founded in 1977. Sumy National Agrarian University has gained rich experience and set creative, staff, research and methodical potential sufficient to become the leading national research and educational regional educational center. This is the only regional higher educational institution of natural science, which has been given the status of a national one.
The main tasks of Sumy NAU are provided in the Strategy of the development of Sumy National Agrarian University (hereinafter the Strategy).
The mission of the University is to create high-quality conditions for the provision of high-quality education by combining modern teaching and research methods in accordance with the needs of the agro-industrial sector of Ukraine, the state, science, economics and culture in general, including high-level educational activities, which ensure that higher education graduates receive the appropriate degree in their chosen specialties, conducting research work and ensuring the creative activity of participants in the educational process, training of highly qualified research staff and the use of the results obtained in the educational process.
Strategic goals that ensure the mission are:

Sumy National Agrarian University implements its mission by achieving the following strategic goals, namely:

  1. To participate in ensuring the social and economic development of the state through the formation of human capital assets;
  2. To create a personality by means of patriotic, legal, ecological education, assertion of participants in the educational process of moral values, social activity, public position and responsibility, healthy lifestyle, ability to think freely and engage self-realization in modern conditions;
  3. To provide with combined educational process which consists of educational, scientific and innovative activity;
  4. To create the necessary conditions necessary to implement abilities and talents by persons engaged in the educational process;
  5. To preserve and enhance of moral, cultural, scientific values and achievements of society;
  6. To share knowledge with the population, raising the educational and cultural level of citizens;
  7. To establish international relations and conduct international activities in the field of education, science, sports, art and culture;
  8. To study the demand for some specialties in the labor market.
  9. To develop the creative potential of the University teachers of the research university constantly.

Our values are:

  1. Human dignity;
  2. Knowledge and intelligence;
  3. Leadership and high standards;
  4. Sense of nationhood and civil responsibility;
  5. Culture, ethics and tolerance.

Strategic Tasks of Sumy National Agrarian University.

In the educational sphere

In the scientific sphere

In the field of staff support

In the field of education

The strategy of the development of educational and cultural work of Sumy NAU for the period of 2015-2020 provides us with the following directions, namely:

A special role in educational activity rests on the bodies of student self-government, the main tasks are to increase the efficiency of the educational process and provide the students with spiritual and cultural education.
Sumy NAU cooperates with state authorities, local self-government, and public organizations.

Download the SNAU Strategy in PDF format
Sumy National Agrarian University Strategy for the period of 2015-2020