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Phone number: +38 0953154405

Psychological service is a structural unit of the University, which carries out organizational, coordinating and teaching functions in the field of psychology among students.

The main aim of the psychological service of the University is to provide accessible and high quality services in the field of practical psychology aimed at the preservation and strengthening of psychological health of all participants of educational process; participation in providing adaptive and comfortable educational environment for students, provide psycho-pedagogical support of formation and development of the individual student.

The principal activities of the psychological service are:

-psychological counseling;

-psychological assessment;


-psychological correction;

-psychological education (thematic interviews, promotions, festivals, flash mob).

Psychological service focuses its activities upon the following areas:

psychological education which main objective is the increase of psychological culture of all participants of the educational process in the educational establishment – students, teachers, parents;

consultative and methodological assistance to all participants of the educational process in the teaching of students, instilling the features of cultural, socially mature personality;

the professional assistance of the University administration in planning and evaluating the effectiveness of educational activities;

psychological support of the educational process in the educational establishment, the search and identification of gifted students, identification of causes of underachievement and poor behavior, psychological support of students requiring special attention from teachers;

protection of mental and physical health of students and teachers, focus on healthy lifestyle, prevention of drug addiction, AIDS, crime, racial intolerance, and alcoholism among students;

interaction and coordination with the curators of academic groups of the University, community organizations, student government, health authorities, social services for youth, local governments;

sessions with elements of training.

Psychological service carries out the following projects:

Psychological lessons of communication with elements of training for elders – trainings of personal growth, the main objectives of which is the development of students ‘ leadership qualities, skills of manager, assistance to the elders in addressing the pressing issues. The structure of the training includes games, exercises aimed at team building, the development of communicative competence, confidence and ability to constructively resolve conflict situations.

Psychological support of first year students – questionnaires (to identify the level of adaptation), training sessions with student groups on team building, develop life values, self-esteem, positive thinking and active life position.



The service is provided free.