SNAU provides with prestigious specialties, quality education, guaranteed employment.

There is a set of professional skills that you can get at Sumy NAU, namely:

Cross – industry specialization (set of skills and knowledge at the crossroads of industries)

System thinking


Friendly flexibility (ability to find common ground and work with team, individuals and groups)

IT solution programming (ability to manage complex automated systems)

Ability to manage projects and processes (to set tasks for yourself, without guidance from senior management)

Client orientation

Stress resilience (ability to work in fast-paced mode of task change, ability to make quick decisions, manage and share your time and resources)

Creativity and aesthetic taste (understanding of modern trends and their subtle feeling)

5 steps to become a SNAU student:

  1. Choose the subjects of the EIE to get certificates required to enter the specialty chosen
  2. Register your personal electronic account of the applicant
  3. Submit electronic applications
  4. Follow the lists of people recommended for the enrollment
  5. If you receive a recommendation, please complete the admission requirements (submit the original documents to the admissions committee in time)

SNAU is your step to the future!

Faculties and specialties

Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Nature Management

Consultant: Andrii Butenko, 050 19 45 713

Faculty of Biological Technology

Consultant: Viacheslav Popsui, 095 25 75 308

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Consultant: Olena Semernia, 066 51 78 339

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Consultant: Oleksandr Kalashnyk, 050 61 38 181

Faculty of Economics and Management

Consultant: Olena Selezen, 050 91 55 215

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Consultant: Olexandr Telichenko, 050 73 33 616

Faculty of Food Technologies

Consultant: Viktoriia Tsyhura, 066 64 62 506

Faculty of Law

Consultant:  Mykola Tsyhanok, 050 24 98 812


List of competitive subjects

(upon applying for budget funding for a bachelor’s degree on the basis of complete general secondary education)

Specialty                                                               List of examinations to apply

List of competitive subjects

(upon applying only at the expense of individuals or legal entities for obtaining a bachelor’s degree on the basis of complete general secondary education)

Terms of the University Admissions Process 2019

On the basis of complete general secondary education

On the basis of junior specialist degree:

On the basis of basic and complete higher education for master’s degree: