A delegation of scientists from the Sumy National Agrarian University, headed by Rector Volodymyr LADYKA, is on an official visit to the Royal Agricultural University (Great Britain).

On the first day of the visit, at the official meeting of the instructors of the partner university, Rector Volodymyr LADYKA presented the diploma and mantle of Honorary Professor to Mark HORTON – the Vice-Rector for Scientific Activity. Olena MELNYK, the Head of the SNAU Grant Department, who is the Curator of cooperation with the British university, got a Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Also, at the invitation of the partner university, Rector Volodymyr LADYKA shared a lecture “The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Agriculture and Food Security”.

Cooperation with this University began in 2022 as part of the Twinning University program from the British company Cormac Consulting Group. Despite the short term of cooperation, 5 powerful educational and scientific projects are being implemented today.

In particular, the cooperation with the Royal Agricultural University gave a boost to the development of a new educational product – the introduction of a joint new educational program of dual diplomas “SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SECURITY” at the master’s level. Climate change, fluctuations in energy prices, geopolitical crisis, pandemic, problems of soil degradation, military aggression – all this requires decisive corresponding steps. The implemented EP prepares specialists of a new generation capable of making strategic decisions and operational management for the development of sustainable agriculture and food supply systems. The multidisciplinary program combines issues of sustainability of agricultural business for both large and small farms; issues of food quality, supply and safety; issues of policy formation in the field of global agricultural production and food; issues of project management for sustainable development.

During the SNAU delegation visit to RAU, the main aspects of the new program introduction were discussed and an interactive meeting between program and module leaders was held. The representatives of RAU virtual educational environment introduced their Gateway platform, taught how to use Panopto tools to create and use video content in the educational process. They also talked about the possibilities of the Turnitin program for improving academic writing, identifying similarities in scientific and educational works. It can help you to identify similarities and connections with Internet sources, various publications, the world library fund and also identifies the use of artificial intelligence, including GPTchat .

The possibility of the creation of information hub for students and scientists on the basis of a scientific library, which will give users online access to the global network of scientific funds, was discussed. Communication structures for further joint cooperation were developed.