Digital literacy is an integral competence of a civil servant, because the ability to use online tools, web services, data visualization technologies significantly affects the employee’s work efficiency. Digitization is becoming an important factor in the economic growth of any country. Civil servants are mastering innovations in the field of IT technologies.

Employees of the Regional Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Sumy region successfully completed online training and upgraded their skills under the general short-term program: “Digital Literacy in the Professional Activity of a Civil Servant.”

Thanks to the professional level of teaching of the lecturers Oleksandr Vyunenko, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Cybernetics and Informatics, and Tetiana Myronenko, PhD in Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Justice, the students significantly improved their knowledge on digital literacy issues. Topics related to modern IT technologies, data visualization software, and, of course, the safety and ethics of civil servant behavior in social networks were actively discussed during the training.

Training took place using the Zoom platform. Effective communication was organized using chat in the messenger, as well as e-mail. Upon completion of training, all trainees passed a computer test. Based on the results of the training, everybody, who successfully passed the test, got a certificate of advanced training.