During an official visit to Sumy, the UNDP delegation had the opportunity to inspect the newly established Sumy Business School, a structural unit of Sumy National Agrarian University.

UNDP is a United Nations operational agency and the largest international provider of multilateral technical and pre-investment assistance to countries. UNDP helps Ukraine to strengthen its capacity and address challenges at the national, regional and community levels by promoting and disseminating best practices, advising on innovative approaches and building partnerships.

A UNDP delegation conducted a two-day working visit to Sumy to establish cooperation under the project “Support for the Stabilization and Recovery of War-Affected Communities (Frontline Areas, Areas Returning to and Hosting IDPs)” implemented by UNDP in Ukraine with financial support from the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

On February 6, 2024, the working day of Federika DISPENZA, Head of the Community Security and Social Cohesion Unit, Tetiana SYLA, Community Mobilization Specialist, and Olha REZNICHENKO, Community Mobilization Specialist in Sumy Region, began with a visit to the Sumy Business School of SNAU. The UNDP delegation was interested in this subdivision of the Sumy National Agrarian University because of its inclusiveness. Here, combatants, persons with disabilities, their family members, family members of military personnel and family members of fallen military personnel can receive free education in four programs: “Entrepreneurship and Business Planning, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Online Store Development, Project Management and Grant Writing, and Financial Literacy.  In addition to short-term training programs, each classroom has been thought out to the smallest detail for comfortable learning: comfortable workstations, high-quality equipment, ramps, toilets equipped for people with disabilities, and an elevator.

Federika DISPENZA, UNDP’s Community Security and Social Cohesion Team Leader, expressed her admiration for the high level of training of the specialists working with the target group of the Business School courses and made suggestions for finding ways to cooperate with medical institutions or specialized higher education institutions to help the course participants psychologically, as for most of them starting a business and learning about business operations is a new and unfamiliar niche.

We also gave the delegation a tour of the newly equipped classrooms at the Faculty of Economics and Management.

“This is a great place to study. There is a mood to think and do science here. It has its own atmosphere of working process,” says Federika DISPENZA about the material and technical base of the Faculty of Economics and Management.

Learn more about Sumy Business School of SNAU at the link https://sumy-business-school.snau.edu.ua/