The student activists of Sumy National Agrarian University and its employees not only support the educational front, but also actively donate and help the soldiers who bravely guard our peaceful sky and quiet sleep.

Recently, a fair was held at Sumy National University. Girls and boys in patriotic costumes offered handmade products, delicacies, paintings to the employees and visitors of our university, and they were happy to choose exclusive goods.  All the money raised at the charity fair, about UAH 19 thousand, was used to cover the needs of SNAU employees who are currently serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The youngest sponsors were pupils of the Sumy Secondary School No. 12 of the City Council. The children applied patriotic patterns to the cartridge cases and horseshoes.

The next exclusive lot was postcards by Svitlana KACHUROVSKA, a well-known Sumy artist and graduate of Sumy National University. In addition to the collection of Ornamtika illustrations, the fair table also featured Agrarvard and SNAUSHKA, which have long been the mascot of our educational institution. Did you know how the inspiration for the Ornaments, which are now known in almost every corner of Ukraine, was born? Watch the episode of Shob Sho with Svitlana KACHUROVSKA: !

The fair also offered incredible books for the early development of children by Alina AVRAMENKO, a former student of SNAU. The craftswoman says she decided to take part in the event shortly before it took place:

“I had only one night before the fair. I sat and thought about it. Why ‘only’? I have the whole night before the fair! I got to work and as a result, I created the “Smart Notebook for a Little Smart Girl” and patriotic metrics.”

The knitted products from Tetiana Nechai and the toys_kids.handmade shop attracted special attention of the buyers. There were teddy bears in patriotic clothes, Patron Dog, and just cute animals. There were also blue and yellow key chains and knitted decorative items.

The delicacies for sale were prepared by students of the Faculty of Food Technologies of SNAU. You could also enjoy marmalade of our own production, made by our university graduate Tetiana YARMOSH and marshmallows by Mariia SHEPIL.

Students and postgraduate students of SNAU were happy to provide their own handmade products to help with the event.

The main mission of the fair has been fulfilled. Funds were collected and sent to the needs of SNAU employees serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We are sincerely pleased that we were able to contribute to the victory and demonstrate high-quality and exclusive products created by Sumy craftswomen.