An educational visit for representatives of the international consortium INTERADIS is taking place at the University of Foggia (Italy). On behalf of Sumy National Agrarian University,  Vice-Rector for research and international activities Yurii Danko, the head of the research department Oleh PASKO, the director of the promotion office Kseniia BLIUMSKA-DANKO and the head of the department of international relations Nataliia VOLCHENKO are participating in the event.

The INTERADIS project “Integration and Adaptation of Foreign Students” is implemented within the framework of the Erasmus+ program of the European Union for the development of the potential of higher education and involves the implementation of important tasks for higher education institutions. In particular, the integration of foreign students into the cultural, ethnic, social environment of Ukraine and the European Union; improving the qualifications of academic staff regarding the specifics of working with foreign students; building the potential of international offices and improving the quality of administrative services.

The first part of the visit included a meeting of the project’s committee, at which Oleh PASKO had the opportunity to present the activities of Sumy National Agrarian University and the progress of the project in terms of work packages. In addition, he took part in discussions and exchange of ideas with colleagues. Participants discussed ideas for future projects.

The third day of the educational visit was devoted to the experience of Sumy National Agrarian University in the process of adaptation and integration of foreign students, in particular, PhD educational and scientific degree applicants. Oleh PASKO and Yurii DANKO presented a report on the topic “Research as a component of the integration of foreign students at the third level of higher education”, which caused a lively discussion among those present. Today, this topic is relevant for most of the universities participating in the project.

Director of the promotion office, Kseniia BLIUMSKA-DANKO, in the framework of the report “Media communication and foreign students: studying the interaction of intercultural communications and social media for foreign students” introduced the participants to SNAU’s experience in providing social communications and involving foreign students in this process.